Product Overview

Designed in cooperation with Hunter Sykes the Carbine Entry Sling attaches to Tac Vest Moly and provides the follownig features:

User adjustable to fit any body size

Bungee relieves the bouncing and jarring associated with a slung rifle. Allows the sling to be moved to the back by stretching over head when not in use or when rifle is slung but not needed for an extended period it can be moved easily and recovered when needed again.

Designed to support the weight on both shoulders and dispersed to the back while keeping the sling off of the users neck providing extended deployment comfort.

Ambidextrous use allows user to transition seamlessly and immediately with ease to support side when the need arises.

Accepts multiple sling attachment types.

Can be used as a drag handle in the event of an evac and allows the drag partner more leverage and greater mobility due to a more upright stance while dragging

Superior to other single point slings in that there is no other strap wrapping around your gear and limiting accessibility to it. Higher mounting point eliminates the issue of your weapon hanging low and bouncing off your legs.