Slide Machining and Upgrades

  • Sight Upgrade

    Sight Upgrade

    Warren Tactical Sevigny Performance Competition Sights Professionally Installed Plain Rear Sight w/ .130" Notch and Fiber Optic Front Sight .215" tall x .115" wide

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  • Trigger Upgrade

    Trigger Upgrade

    The ZEV Technologies™ Professional Fulcrum Drop in Trigger replacement kit for the GLOCK® is one of the mostimportant upgrades a user can make. The Fulcrum® PRO Drop-in Trigger assembly greatly enhances the feel of trigger pull through the...

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  • Hive Package 1 Hive Package 2

    Hive Package

    The Hive was inspired by and Co-Designed by Hunter Sykes after years of experience shooting pistols during his military career, law enforcement training, and national level competitive shooting. The Hive is a perfect blend of slide weight reduction,...

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  • Elite Carry Package 1 Elite Carry Package 2

    Elite Carry Package

    The Elite Carry slide cut was designed with input from world class shooters from multiple disciplines.  Some of these shooters have years of combat experience, some are master LEO trainers, some are SWAT / SRT team members and several are...

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  • Chevron Package

    Chevron Package

    The Chevron slide cut package was inspired by the Chevrons used within the rank insignia you see on the uniforms of Law Enforcement officers and Military members of our great country.  We wanted to pay homage to the the men and women that put on a...

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  • Wrapped Serrations 1 Wrapped Serrations 2

    Wrapped Serrations

    Are you the shooter that demands functionality in your pistol but has little or no interest in vanity? The Wrapped Serrations slide cuts are exactly what you have asked for.  Pure Function, No Vanity. Join the #boomsquad and order your pistol...

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