Rifles Only Suppressor Cover ~ MAD


Product Overview

Rifles Only is excited about the FTW MAD Suppressor Cover. The MAD is a two part cover which is a bonus. The inner core will take up to 3000 degrees sustained. The outer part is interchangable so that you can change the cover to go with the environment in which you are in...or even whatever mood you are in. The outer cover currently is the weakest part of this cover but it will works flawlessly with a bolt gun. We tested these particular outer covers with semi-autos as well as fully automatic weapons. The inner core held up fine to 5 fully automatic mag dumps but the outer cover will not. In reality, your suppressor is not built to do 5 mag dumps as fast as you can go so we do NOT recommend doing that. The outer layer will melt after 3 mag dumps on a fully automatic weapon.  The MAD is currently available in 5", 6", 7, 7.5", 8", 8.5", 9" and 10".  These covers will fit suppressors from 1.5" up to 1.75" in diameter.  Available colors are Multicam, Kryptec Highland, and Coyote Brown, OD Green, Black, and Atacs.  


Rifles Only has completed in-house and field testing of the HAD (Heat Abatement Device).  Many of these are currently being used.  These outer covers have been tested to 2000 degrees sustained.   They will be avialable for general sales within the next month.  If you wish to convert or change from bolt to semi/rapid/auto fire you will only need to purchase the outer cover if you have already purchased the MAD.